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 Rail freight services to Tyrol and the Czech Republic up and running

Border controls in Saxony and Bavaria have no impact on DB Cargo - Corona rapid tests for locomotive drivers before every shift - DB Board Member Dr. Sigrid Nikutta: "Rail logistics creates robust supply chains"

The entry restrictions at Germany's national borders to Tyrol and the Czech Republic have no impact on Deutsche Bahn's rail freight operations. The Group's subsidiary DB Cargo is operating all transports according to plan with its partners. Almost 200 freight trains are expected this week on the important route through Saxony's Elbe Valley alone.  

Dr. Sigrid Nikutta, Member of the Management Board for Freight Transport at DB: "Rail logistics is once again proving to be robust. Freight trains ensure stable supply chains despite Corona restrictions." DB Cargo has reacted very quickly to the new requirements. Every locomotive driver of cross-border trains is tested for Corona before starting their shift and carry the proof with them. "A freight train carries the goods of 52 lorries with a single driver. That speeds up handling processes," Nikutta said. In addition, DB Cargo operates with its European subsidiaries and formerly defined transfer stations.

"The safety of our employees is our top priority. The well-regulated processes in rail freight transport works to our advantage," says the DB Cargo CEO. Even during the first lockdown, or when connections to the UK were closed, DB Cargo trains were able to continue running. Around 20,000 trains a week are operated by DB Cargo, around 60 percent of which roll across national borders.  

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