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 Empty Wagon – your wagon order is just a click away

link2rail is driving the digitalisation of services at DB Cargo in leaps and bounds, which is why we’re publishing a brief series on it in the railways newsletter. In this issue, you’ll learn how to order new wagons using the Empty Wagon feature while still keeping an eye on the big picture.

It’s never been easier to order empty wagons. You can either navigate to the link2rail portal in your internet browser or simply access the direct interface (API) in your corporate system – it’s fast and easy either way.

If you access link2rail through our portal, you’ll enjoy the convenience of our single-sign-on system as you navigate to the Empty Wagon feature. After logging on once, you’ll immediately gain access to the system.You’ll have a choice between using standard templates or placing a custom order by making a manual request for your needs. The order view provides transparent information about current order and processing statuses. This view displays all relevant details, such as the number of wagons and their type, as well as the requested dates for specific locations.

Setting up an interface with your system offers even more convenience. The link2rail support team would be pleased to assist you in establishing one. Using an API, you will then be able to order wagons from your own system using an automated process. Pre-approved templates will allow customer service to correctly link your orders to your company.

Whether you use our portal or the API, the digital ordering process is certain to make your everyday work easier and faster. In a single visit, you can order multiple wagon configurations for different time periods, ensuring your logistics processes start moving at the right time for you.

Our video offers a detailed explanation of the Empty Wagon ordering process on the portal and through the API. If you have any questions, please contact your account manager or the service team for new customers. Click here for a list of our e-services. 

Jürgen Bosse
Customer Management and Consulting for link2rail