DB Cargo expands shuttle service between Duisburg and Antwerp

Three departures with additional capacity per week • Eliminates need for a further 10,000 trucks per year

(Antwerp/Mainz/Frankfurt, 10 June 2020) 

More space for additional load units: DB Cargo and Kombiverkehr are expanding their shuttle service between the port of Antwerp and Duisburg. From now on, up to 90 TEU can be transported per train rather than the previous 60 TEU. This means that in a 12-month period up to 9,000 additional containers, trailers and swap bodies will be transported by environmentally friendly rail, reducing road traffic by around 10,000 trucks. This is more important now than it ever has been, as long-duration construction work on a ring road around the Belgian city of Antwerp (Oosterweel Link) will hugely restrict the road in the coming years.

Starting in autumn 2020, additional trains are set to run from Antwerp to Germany’s Ruhr district. Moreover, DB Cargo plans to integrate the western ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp more strongly into its network by the end of the year. This is an important building block for more growth in rail freight transport.

Shipowners, freight forwarders and the shipping industry as a whole benefit from the railways thanks to a dense network and fast transit times. In just five hours, with the option of late loading in Antwerp or early collection of consignments in Duisburg, customers can send their goods further on their way within Kombiverkehr’s network. In Germany, this could be to Ludwigshafen, Munich or Leipzig, or Europe-wide to Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, France, Scandinavia or even Turkey.

Franziska Vallentin
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