Door-to-door service with Singlewagon plus

As a fast and sustainable alternative to lorries, we offer customers in all industries complete door-to-door solutions for individual shipments.

 Your advantages

  • Fast and reliable transport over night 
  • Pick up of your goods and transport by rail and road to the recipient
  • Safe loading of your goods in 45-foot interchangeable containers
  • Beverage and XL-certified up to 34 pallets / 25 t additional load
  • Economic and environmentally friendly transport
  • CO2-savings: about 2/3 CO2e-savings compared to pure road transport

Door-to-door service with Singlewagon plus

We combine short-distance road- with long-distance rail transport, thus enabling the use of single wagonload transport even for customers without a private siding - without transshipping your goods. We take over the complete organisation of the service, including pre- and on-carriage of the lorries and providing the equipment. 

On the Hamburg-Cologne route, you can already use our complete door-to-door solution for individual shipments as a fast and sustainable alternative to the lorry. 

Further connections will be available soon.

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Stephanie Reinert

Head of Consumer Goods