Craneable megatrailers are transported by DB Cargo's MedXpress trailer on modern pocket wagons

To the Mediterranean and back

Running all the way to the Spanish border, the Trailer Med Xpress is our rapid, flexible, reliable and sustainable shuttle solution for every industry.

 Your benefits at a glance

  • High-frequency shuttle system
  • For cranable mega-trailers, swap bodies and containers
  • Quick and reliable, with no traffic jams or rest periods
  • Cost-effective, with no tolls
  • Environmentally friendly: saves up to 1,500 kg of CO2 per lorry
  • Flexible booking options
  • Our logistics specialists plan and carry out your transports

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Trailer Med Connections

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Intermodal shuttle for customers in all industries

Our Trailer Med Xpress (or TMX for short) links Germany to the Mediterranean region by rail. Our high-frequency shuttle for cranable megatrailers, swap bodies and containers goes back and forth between Saarbrücken and Perpignan five times a week. This allows you to integrate rail into your supply chain on this corridor and reap the benefits of combined transport. The train needs less than 24 hours to cover a distance of up to 1,000 kilometres reliably without traffic jams or rest periods. What's more, the main leg of your transport is exempt from tolls. That's not the only reason why the shuttle represents a true alternative to lorries.

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Intermodaler Shuttle
"With us, you can reserve slots flexibly without being tied to fixed quantities."

Andreas Weiss, Head of Sales and Operations Centre Components, DB Cargo Logistics.

Environmental protection

Sustainability has long been a competitive advantage instead of merely an additional cost, so train services can now really play to this particular strength while also relieving road congestion. When compared with solely road haulage, trains' carbon emissions are 88% lower. With each lorry emitting 1,500 kg of CO2, the fact that a train can transport the same volume as 30 lorries means that each shuttle journey reduces CO2 emissions by up to 45 tonnes.

DB Cargo's shuttle product is reliable, fast, with no traffic jams or rest periods and no additional toll charges.

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