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DB Cargo welcomes the new young professionals 2020!

  • 461 Apprentices from 01.08./01.09.2020

  • 36 Dual students from 01.10.2020

  • 15 Chance Plus participants from 01.11.2020

Virtual Welcome: In autumn 2020 we will welcome over 500 junior staff members at DB Cargo!

More than 460 trainees had their first day of work at DB Cargo on September 1, 2020 in 12 training regions - this year under exceptional conditions. The welcoming of the junior staff by Deutsche Bahn Chairman of the Board Richard Lutz and HR Director Martin Seiler as well as Federal Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer took place exclusively virtually. However, thanks to the technical equipment of our trainees, this special form of greeting did not pose a problem.

Virtual welcome podium

We continue our recruitment drive

Despite Corona, we at DB Cargo are continuing to recruit new junior staff. In the past application period, the number of hires has even increased. By hiring young, motivated trainees, we are ensuring that we as a company are well equipped to meet the upcoming challenges of rail freight transport of Deutsche Bahn AG.

"Despite Corona, DB Cargo remains committed to hiring new young professionals."

Dr. Ursula Biernert, Management Board Member for Human Resources DB Cargo AG

Welcome to DB Cargo!

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We are one of the most diverse employers in Germany. Every year, we look for over 3,000 trainees in 50 professions throughout Germany who want to become even better together with us.