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Glossary A-C

From A for accompanied transport to C for CustomerServiceCenter. Here you can find an alphabetic listing of some technical terms, with translation and explanations.



accompanied transport

Also known as the Rolling Highway. Here the entire truck or trailer truck unit is carried by rail. Special accompanying cars are provided for the driver.

APS systems

Advanced Planning and Scheduling systems (these are able to reproduce the complex structures of a supply chain in real time).

auxiliary goods handling points

Spatially separate facilities of a rail freight station where the handling of goods is possible. Each auxiliary good handling point is allocated to a rail freight station.


Federal Freight Transport Office

Best Practice

Best practice or way of proceeding.

bill of lading

Document certifying the conclusion and content of the freight transport agreement. The original of the bill of lading travels with the goods, while a duplicate is retained by the consignor.

block train transport

An entire train is filled by the consignor to full capacity and travels directly from the loading to the delivery point. As a result no switching (or very little) needs to be carried out. (For the opposite, see single freight car transport).

border crossing points

Serve as freight tariff calculation intersection points in international freight transport.
Built to order

Production only takes place in response to an order. The customer assembles his product on the internet, to his or her own design, and thereby sets the production process in motion.

Business to Business (B2B)

Electronic transactions and business dealings between companies. Internet-based B2B applications are used for relations between dealers, suppliers and commercial companies.

Business to Consumer (B2C)

Electronic transactions and business dealings between companies and the end consumer (households or private individuals). Fundamentally no different from the mail order business, though in a more developed form.

carload transport

Refers to a form of rail freight transport in which a whole freight car is filled to capacity by the goods of a single consignor (unimodal = intramodal).


Company of which the business purpose is the commercial transport of goods and/or passengers.
CEP services

Abbreviation for Courier, Express and Parcel services. Services offered under this heading are generally characterized by the conveyance of  'small' shipments with relatively low weight and volume (like letters, documents, packages or small general cargo). Transport schedules are also speedy and reliable

climate protection program

Deutsche Bahn's target of reducing specific CO2 emissions by at least 20 percent between 2002 and 2020.

Combined Transport (CT)

Any transport effected by means of several different carriers; cooperation between different carriers (e.g. inland waterway vessel, rail and truck), with the aim of creating an integrated transport chain. A characteristic feature of Combined Transport is the use of standardized reusable load units (like pallets or containers).

composite brake blocks - (K blocks)Quiet braking technology based on composite substances which reduces noise by half.

Party requesting transport and logistics services (as a rule identical with the end customer).

Consumer to Business (C2B)

Electronic transactions and business dealings going from the end consumer (households or private individuals) to a company. C2B consists for the most part of items of information, for example the individual composition of a product.

Consumer to Consumer (C2C)

Electronic transactions and business dealings between end consumers (households or private individuals). Notable examples are online auctions on the internet, or flea markets in the real world.


Large vessel used for the storage or transport of goods.
contract logistics

The commissioning of logistics services to a logistics services provider on the basis of long-term contracts.

conventional transportTraditional single freight car transport.

Assembling different goods for a single order


Customer interface of DB Cargo Deutschland AG, based in - a central point of contact for information and order management. The  is responsible for looking after customer orders in all respects from end to end, from the placement of the order through to the invoicing. It is can be reached by customers 24 hours a day and every day of the week.