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Glossary T-U

From T for temperature-controlled logistics to U for unaccompanied transport. Here you will find a continued alphabetic listing of technical terms with translation and explanations.



Temperature-controlled logistics

Temperature-controlled warehouse logistics: warehousing in air-conditioned storage facilities where the temperature is monitored at all times. Temperature-controlled transport logistics: carriage of goods in insulated thermally controlled freight cars or trucks that have been fitted with refrigeration facilities.


Goods handling / transshipment point with infrastructure-based access and connections for various carriers, and including intermediate storage facilities.

Third Party Logistics

Also known as 3PL: all logistics services that are passed on via the market to a logistics specialist, who thus figures as the 'third party' between the manufacturer and the commercial enterprise or end customer.

Third Party Logistics Provider (3PL)

System-integrating provider of logistics services.


Quantity of goods carried by rail or road.

Ton kilometers

The product of the tonnage carried and the kilometers covered. In terms of transport output this is a significant variable, as not just the quantity carried but also the distance needs to be taken into account.

Tracking and Tracing

A system for the end-to-end tracking and tracing of shipments. Tracking: determination of the location of goods at any time, in the warehouse or along the entire transport chain. Tracing: the exact progress of a shipment or transport can be reconstructed down to the last detail with all the important events that occur. These can also be traced back in retrospect (an advantage in the case of recall operations). Tracking and Tracing provides an essential basis for analyzing the weak points of logistics processes.

train path

In railroad parlance, this term normally refers to the temporally limited use of the rail network between two points by a train of a particular description.

transfer station

Intersection point for the calculation of freight charges in relation to transport from and to freight stations of a rail company not involved in the direct handling of the goods. Freight charges will be calculated in each case from and to the transfer station (split goods handling).

transit shipments

A term referring to a shipment through a region (or frequently a country) when the origin and destination lie outside the region or country. For example, transit shipments from France to Denmark that pass through Germany.

transport performance (ton kilometers)

Product of the total weight of the goods carried and the distance covered as per traffic operation.


Reloading of goods from one carrier to another carrier.

transshipment centerSpecial facility for the reloading of goods from one carrier to another carrier.

unaccompanied transport

The loads are brought from the truck to the terminal and there transshipped to rail. At the destination the equipment carrying the load (containers, swap bodies or semi-trailers) goes back to road transport or transport by truck.