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The advantages of the network

In collaboration with a number of partners, DB Cargo has built an international cross-sector network that combines efficient rail-based logistics with interlinked processes and consistently high standards.

FIVE TIMES around the earth!

Europe’s rail network covers 263,432 kilometres – which is equivalent to more than five times the circumference of the earth, with an additional 85,000 kilometres in the Russian Federation. The network is operated by more than 70 rail and infrastructure companies – the Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER) association alone has that many members. With a transport performance of 98.5 billion tkm, DB Cargo is the biggest European rail freight company.

In the age of globalisation, networks are a prerequisite for success

Efficient partners, international standards and the seamless exchange of information guarantee reliability, stability and, of course, high flexibility when adapting to changing requirements.

This is particularly applicable in the field of logistics. That is why DB Cargo, as Europe’s biggest rail freight company, relies on an efficient network in order to offer its customers optimised framework conditions. DB Cargo customers have access to a comprehensive network of access points, rail freight stations, transhipment sites and management hubs that make transport operations from Norway to Sicily just as easy and reliable as ones between Nuremberg and Frankfurt.

Services for the world's third-largest population

Europe-wide services – what does that actually mean? More than half a billion people over an area of four million square kilometres: after China and India, the European Union has the world’s third-largest population within a single economic region. In terms of freight volume, Europe transports more than 2,200 billion tonne kilometres annually according to an estimate by the European Commission in 2013. Three-quarters of this enormous volume is transported by HGV, and 18.2 per cent by rail.

Along with the USA and China, the EU is one of the top three global players in inter- national trade. More than 22 million companies are active in the union.

In order to be able to respond to the requirements of these companies across the whole continent, DB Cargo has developed an efficient network that covers the whole of Europe and that even extends as far as Asia. Technical Loading Advisors ensure the safe transportation of freight, while specialist Key Account Managers work in the various regions and maintain close contact with associations and companies locally.

As a result, DB Cargo has established a solid reputation as a specialist in rail-based logistics. The services offered by the rail freight company include far more than simply transporting freight from A to B by rail. The company’s dense single-wagon network, the only one of its kind in Europe, offers customers the option of transporting small shipment volumes with individual wagons. Furthermore, DB Cargo offers frequent train connections and specialised industry-sector trains across the whole continent and beyond – all the way to China and no matter what kind of freight. DB Cargo also works with customers to organise transhipment and the initial and final legs by road – from door to door. The rail freight company collaborates closely with its partners to offer logistics services at railports and transhipment sites, and it helps customers to make their operations more efficient and to position themselves more effectively in the market. With an increasingly digitised fleet and improved interfaces between Production, Sales and customers, DB Cargo is able to continuously optimise processes – from commissioning and tracking to logistical smart data applications.

To this end, DB Cargo works with a number of partners across Europe in order to be able to offer customers tailored and flexible solutions. This reliable network of partners is necessary to deliver specialised services on the ground. 

Because we have built this network and are operating it with our various European partners, we can help our customers to access markets across the continent, 

says Sebastian Schilling, Senior Vice President Sales Development and Marketing at DB Cargo. “That means we can offer our customers comprehensive logistics solutions and support their trade channels.”

Immense transport performance

Europe’s number 1 rail freight company can rely on one of the world’s biggest rail networks, which extends all the way to the plants of its customers. A total of 4,200 sidings and more than 100 railports and logistics hubs between Portugal, Belarus, Italy and Denmark provide customers access to DB Cargo’s network. With 75,000 freight wagons and 2,800 locomotives, customers also have access to the biggest fleet on the European con- tinent, in the third-strongest economic region after the USA and China.

At DB Cargo around 30,000 members of staff make sure that cross-border transport operations are managed in an efficient, customer-oriented and environmentally friendly way. They find the best services and prepare added-value offerings for their customers – be that in Norway, Poland, Spain or southern Italy. For the last three years, the 180 members of staff at the European Operations Centre have been responsible for keeping the broad view of all transport operations. They manage rail freight transport across Europe 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They pull the strings of this incredible network and make sure that the freight sent by DB Cargo customers arrives reliably and safely at its destination.