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Wire rod from Spain bound for Switzerland

Wire rod is used to make reinforcing steel, a component in reinforced concrete. Spaeter AG, a Swiss company, purchases wire rod from Spain, which DB Cargo delivers flexibly and on time.

The large coils of wire rod travel only a short distance on the road – from Nervacero's manufacturing facility in Bilbao to the Spanish border town of Irun, a distance of some 120 kilometres. The advantage of this arrangement is that the goods can then be loaded directly onto standard-gauge wagons that can travel in France and Switzerland. The broad-gauge track most commonly used in Spain is avoided, making it unnecessary to reload the goods or change the gauge.

Spaeter AG, based in the Swiss town of Sins in the canton of Aargau, is located directly across from a train station and has its own private siding, keeping road use to a minimum on this route. This is important from an environmental standpoint because of the company's plan involving 5,000 tonnes of product annually.

DB Cargo cooperates with the Spanish joint venture Railsider, its own Railnet France and the Swiss company SBB Cargo, the latter of which transports the product from Basel at the end of the four-day route. DB Cargo is also responsible for handling customs formalities on behalf of the client.