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link2rail: New platform for digital services

DB Cargo launched the myRailportal platform two years ago. Since then, it has accumulated positive experience together with many customers. link2rail is building on this and taking the next step.

myRailportal currently offers individual portal solutions for key accounts. Now, the aim is for link2rail to create a standard that is scalable for as many customers as possible. In addition to the portal, there will be easy access to functions through an app, and customers will be able to link their own company software to an application programming interface to enable simple sharing and processing of data.

Jürgen Bosse explains: "This means we can use the channel to provide our customers with services and data that they need. link2rail is the unified brand presence for our digitalisation and product development platform, which we created so we could offer customers added value."

Thorsten Meffert, Vice President Marketing, DB Cargo AG, adds: "The customer is always the primary focus of all our efforts. At the transport logistic trade fair in Munich, we will provide an insight into the digitalisation workshop and show how digital services will work in future. What's more, we will also be happy to provide help and advice."

Focus on customers

The digital services that have been developed include standardized, simplified ordering processes for transport and empty wagons. "Our customers informed us that it wasn't very easy to place an order, so we put improving this on our to-do list. The advantage is that these functions are linked with one another, so you don't have to repeatedly switch between applications or memorise things like wagon numbers", says Bosse.

DB Cargo's digitalisation activities all focus on a higher goal: increasing customer satisfaction levels, creating added value, and so making the railway a more appealing option for freight transport. "It goes without saying that we also look at ways to improve our internal processes so that we can concentrate on our customers more," says Bosse.