Logistics hub in Northern Germany

With the multimodal hub in the north of Germany, the shipment logistics for the Mercedes-Benz Bremen plant have been optimised and space has been created for further growth.

To expand production capacity in the Mercedes-Benz Bremen plant, logistics areas in the plant had to give way to new production halls. In light of this, a 7 ha area of wasteland that was previously used as factory space was turned into a multimodal logistics hub, "Auto Terminal Bremen", in Northern Germany in 2014. The terminal is located in close proximity to the Mercedes-Benz plant in Bremen and is therefore the central distribution hub for the volume of vehicles produced in the plant.

In an area of 70,000 m², up to 250,000 vehicles can be transshipped annually. In addition to the distribution of vehicles by truck, the available rail siding provides the opportunity to shift transportation of up to 100,000 vehicles per year to rail. In addition to storage and transshipment services, the terminal provides a modern production hall in which the final work is carried out on the
vehicles. Additionally, the Auto Terminal Bremen assumes the role of the releasing agent for a portion of the export volume for onward transport via the Northern European ports.

Services and capacities:

  • 70,000 m² total area with storage capacity for up to 2,500 vehicles
  • Processing of an entry volume of up to 500 vehicles a day; transshipment of up to 250,000 vehicles a year
  • Handling of up to 75 lorries daily
  • Block train loading track of 600 m in length and a maximum loading capacity of 100,000 vehicles p.a. (up to 2 block trains daily)
  • Assembly hall of approx. 1,100 m² in area, 6 lifting platforms and 12 assembly spaces
  • Maintenance of warehouse vehicles (e.g. battery check/charging, vehicle check, tyre pressure check)
  • Processing of fleet vehicles (e.g. vehicle wrapping, assembly work)