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Specialists for transport-related services in combined transport operations

DB Intermodal Services offers a broad range of transport-related services to help customers manage worldwide combined transport operations.

DB Intermodal Services GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of DB Cargo AG. Specialised in transport-related activities, it performs essential on-site services within the maritime intermodal transport chain.

The service portfolio includes:

  • Availability of depots for empty and loaded containers
  • Delivery services
  • Operation of transhipment terminals in Germany
  • Repair, servicing and cleaning of load units

Well-known shipping companies and freight forwarders and important rail operators all benefit from the pre-stowing and backlog areas available in the hinterland. A considerable advantage for them is the offer of warehousing and other services that reduce their investment risk.

DB Intermodal Services operates two national transhipment terminals that handle 600,000 loads annually and ten depot locations with a storage capacity of 27,000 TEUs, and has begun to provide its services in other European countries too. For instance, DB Intermodal Services has been running Container Terminal Enns in Austria jointly with M. Kaindl AG since 2015.

As of 01.11.2017, DB Intermodal Services GmbH will hand over the business of operation for the Dresden-Friedrichstadt transhipment station to  Emons ContainerServices GmbH, Poll-Vingster-Straße 107a, 51105 Köln.

The postal address of the transhipment station is:
Emons ContainerServices GmbH
Potthoffstr. 6
01159 Dresden

The GVZ Entwicklungsgesellschaft Dresden mbH, Palaisplatz 4, 01097 Dresden, will remain the owner of the Dresden-Friedrichstadt transhipment station.