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Building materials

In the construction industry you can count on rail

All over Europe, manufacturers of building materials count on the competence of DB Cargo AG. We carry raw materials like clay, cement, gravel and stone chippings as well as finished components and building materials to warehouses and construction sites.

Major construction sites are exceptionally complex logistics systems requiring massive quantities of crushed rock, gravel, sand, concrete parts and crossties.

Our customer consultants are specialists in building materials, and thoroughly familiar with the special features of the industry. They can draw on freight cars equipped with most up-to-date loading and unloading systems, organize their deployment to an exact schedule and benefit from the complete range of services offered by the largest European freight railroad.

All-round logistics solutions

Our special strength lies in professional customer consultancy on all questions relating to an economically sustainable all-round solution based on quality logistics – from the planning to the loading and unloading of all kinds of materials, as well as transshipment from one carrier to another.

Here are some practical examples:

  • Europe-wide transport of loam, clay and clayey earth in complete end-to-end transport chains. We supply the Italian tile industry (the main customer for clay from Germany) with up to 1.2 million tons of clay a year. In addition, we provide cross-carrier transport logistics for more than 1 million tons of clay and tile from the German Westerwald region to Italy and back.
  • We have extensive experience when it comes to road-building logistics. Whether you need sand, gravel, stone chippings or crushed rock – our freight trains provide a reliable supply.
  • One of our major customers is the cement industry: with freight cars designed for the carriage of powder-form goods like loose cement and fly ash, open-top cars for cement clinker and covered cars for cement in sacks, we can meet the specific requirements of all products during transport.

Last modified: 13.06.2016

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