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Glossary J-L

From J for just-in-time to L for logistics services provider. Here you will find explanations of a select list of terms.




Scheduled and punctual delivery of materials when needed, directly to the conveyor belt (or to the shelf of a dealer).


Provider of courier, express and parcel services.

LL brake blocks

Quiet braking technology based on composite materials, still in the testing phase.

loading point

Transport facility of a rail freight station or neighboring stretch of track for the loading and unloading of shipments. Every loading point is allocated to a rail freight station.


The intelligent combination and distribution of flows of goods and information. This refers to the entire value creation chain, from procurement to value added services and distribution.

logistics service provider

Company which, irrespective of the mode of transport, offers its customers and other companies services involving the planning, control and supervision of flows of information and materials (frequently described as 'everything from a single source').