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Quicker transport to Russia and Asia with uniform CIM/SMGS consignment note

With the CIM/SMGS consignment note the necessary CIM and SMGS conveyance contracts are condensed into a single document. This enables non-stop rail freight transport with a single consignment document between Europe, Russia and Asia.


  • also applies as a T1 transit declaration in the customs area of the EU/EFTA
  • applies as a national customs (transit) document in each instance in the area of the SMGS regime
  • can be used both in wagon loading and Combined Traffic

Your advantage:

  • Export formalities/commercial verification can be dealt with as soon as the consignment has been dispatched in the EU/EFTA.
  • No amendments to the documents at the place of reconsignment between two legal areas
  • thus minimal wagon stoppage times
  • voluntary use: use only when agreed between the sender and the carrier