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Indispensable raw materials transported carefully

Limestone and gypsum are not only raw materials for construction. In addition to the coal mining industry, power stations are major limestone consumers – and thus gypsum producers themselves.

DB Cargo AG transports roughly 5.7 million tonnes of limestone annually – principally from the large facilities in the Bergisches Land and the Harz to consumers in the chemical, building materials and coal mining industry. Furthermore, we reliably supply power stations of German electricity companies with limestone or caustic lime for flue gas desulphurisation. The cycle is completed with the transport of REA gypsum which DB Cargo AG operates reliably and efficiently.

For both limestone and gypsum products we have recourse to an extensive wagon fleet with special loading and unloading equipment and transport safety equipment. Since flue gas desulphurisation has become standard in Germany, power stations have become the greatest plaster producers of synthetic plaster. DB Cargo AG supplies the building materials industry from the power station locations with large volumes of the REA plaster produced there.

  • Especially environmentally friendly transport by rail on the one hand, and extremely efficient and quick transhipment of large quantities thanks to our special wagon fleet.
  • Wagons with special internal coatings and radio remote-controlled loading flaps are available for this purpose. Thus, a block train with 1300 tonnes can be unloaded in only half an hour.


Furthermore, our team of experts with an individual block train and wagon group concept ensures transport logistics for provision of paper machines in close cooperation with producers and paper facilities.

  • Cross-border and continual provision of the paper industry with up to 1.2 million tonnes of painting agents annually (GCC, PCC slurry and kaolin).
  • Supplying the building materials industry with large quantities of the REA plaster produced there from power station locations.
  • Punctual and reliable limestone and caustic lime transportation for the coal mining industry for the production of high-quality steel products.