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Our premium product for your coil transport

In our Europe-wide network, DBsteel-solution connects the most important sites of the steel and automotive industry – quickly, reliably and with state-of-the-art freight wagons.

DBsteel-solution is a tailor-made product for individual transport solutions of high-quality coils for the automotive industry. Benefit from clear quality and competitive advantages for your supply performance.

  • In cooperation with the Automotive sales sector we fulfil customer desires according to rapid and frequent traffic connections, in particular to Southern and Eastern Europe. Greater speed brings freight which was previously transported by road onto the rails – with environmental compatibility and reliability.
  • Existing quality connections are optimised and expanded into a DBsteel-solution network.
  • Our ultramodern Shimmns-ttu wagons provide especially safe transportation of fragile freight such as coils for the automotive industry.
  • Shimmns-ttu are preferably at your disposal with DBsteel-solution.
  • In order to further increase wagon availability, we adapt our maintenance concept to the DBsteel-solution network – mobile on site and in competence workshops. In addition, older wagons are being gradually modernised.
  • With new, Internet-based applications DBsteel-solution enables transparent transport status information – in the case of deviations and completely according to your requirements.
  • Standardised and customer-specific statistics about transport times and punctuality, for example, offer you detailed information about the regularity of your traffic.
DBsteel-solution CoilNet

Expansion of Europe-wide logistics services. You remain at an advantage with us.

We are continuously developing our premium product DBsteel-solution and integrating industry and customer requirements and European market trends.

Capacities for DBsteel-solution customers should also be reservable perspectively on connections which are especially in demand. Other services such as Track&Trace and additional European rail ports for the transhipment and warehousing of automotive coils are also in the planning phase.