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Coal: Black gold rolls on

Each year, DB Cargo transports up to 40 million metric tonnes of coal. In order to facilitate services on this enormous scale, we provide the right equipment and extensive expertise in logistics and the industry.

 Your advantages with our coal logistics

  • End-to-end coal transport from the mine or port of entry to the receiving party.
  • Transport of entire shiploads by block train.
  • High level of efficiency due to precisely scheduled turnaround cycles, on-timedelivery and reasonable time limits for loading and unloading.

Polish fuel coke smelts iron in Germany

The fuel used to fire furnaces in Singen, a city in southwest Germany, travels through three countries to get there. Fuel coke has virtually disappeared as a means of heating homes, but it is still used to produce a range of modern materials in the industrial sector.

Train with coal wagons at dusk

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Coal transports for Europe

We handle the management, inspection and optimisation of the entire supply chain. By doing so, we are able to supply our customers with coal seamlessly in an end-to-end process.

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Our services for you for coal transport

An industry in transition

Coal transport is one of our most important business sectors. As Germany moves away from fossil fuels, coal transports within the country are declining – at the same time, our international focus is becoming even more important.

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