Crane system loads scrap metal into wagon

Scrap is here to stay

Not all scrap is created equal. With our DBscrap-solution programme, we are keeping the steel-recycling chain intact so material will continue flowing to German steel producers. More than 4 million metric tonnes of scrap are returned to blast furnaces this way each year so new products can be made.

 Scrap delivery – fast and secure

  • High degree of flexibility through our regional customer concepts.
  • Fewer diversions to rolling stock weighbridges thanks to weight sensors.
  • Direct trains to Belgium, Luxembourg and Italy ensure reliable supply and disposal.

Professional scrap handling and transport

Our specialists at DB Cargo's loading consultancy will draw on their knowledge and expertise to help you with all of your issues relating to scrap transport.

 Shunter on freight wagons

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Scrap and Forwarding

Railways bolster steel recycling

Our tailored premium products integrate steel producers and carmakers into our Europe-wide network.

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link2rail Recycling​

Our digital product offers holistic logistics management for the steel recycling industry.​

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