Building materials

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Logistics services for building materials: You can count on the railway.

We transport your building materials and finished products to construction sites all across Europe.

 Our services for you

  • Transport of building materials such as lime, gypsum, kaolin and quartz sand.
  • Analysis and optimisation of transports, sites and business processes.
  • Warehouse logistics services across Europe.
  • Procurement, distribution and maintenance logistics services.
  • Development of rail-focussed, multimodal logistics solutions.

From the clay pit to bathroom walls

Leveraging our multimodal transport chains, we provide Italy's tile industry with up to 1.2 million metric tonnes of German clay every year – just in time. Moreover, our transport model allows us to transport finished tile on the return trip.

 Freight train with building materials

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Philipp Sternberg

Head of Building Materials

Building material of the future

We customise our services to meet the specific requirements of your goods and properly transport all of your products according to your specifications in our dry bulk wagons for loose cement and fly ash, open freight wagons for cement clinker and covered freight wagons for bagged cement.


We serve the entire cycle

For lime and gypsum products we have an extensive fleet of wagons with special loading and unloading and transport protection equipment. We use them to move several million tonnes of material every year. Since flue gas desulphurization has become standard in Germany, power plants have become the largest producer of synthetic gypsum. However, the so-called FGD gypsum will become rarer with the progress of renewable energies, so that natural gypsum from opencast mines will become more important again. DB Cargo is also a specialist in lime and quicklime for the mining industry and supplies slurry and kaolin, which is needed as a coating agent in the paper industry.

 Lime wagon Arcelor