Güterzug in grüner Landschaft

From Sweden to Spain to China, we have good connections

With tailored, customer-centric services, we ensure efficient and reliable transport in Europe and beyond. Almost 60% of our transport services are delivered within Europe.

 How our international solutions help you

  • The largest fleet and best network in Europe
  • 4,200 customer sidings for fast, reliable, frequent and flexible connections
  • Combines the benefits of road and rail
  • Different commodity groups in each wagon possible
  • Land transport all the way to China
  • Reduced CO2 with environmentally friendly transport
  • Additional services, including Track & Trace, collection service, labelling and storage

Gateways to the European economy

We connect Europe’s two largest ports with their most important hinterland destinations in Germany and Vorarlberg.

Beladung Containerschiff mit Kran

Our DBrailnet products

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A bridge across continents

DB Cargo has been successfully transporting containers between China and Europe for many years. Our extended network has allowed us to assume a pioneering role for our customers.

Containerzug in China vor Bergkulisse

Our shuttle service

Europe's markets are becoming borderless

This is thanks in part to the use of multi-system locomotives in which DB Cargo invests. They allow more and more cross-border routes in Europe to be travelled without changing locomotive.

Mehrsystemfähiger Lokomotive