International transport solutions

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From Sweden to Spain to China, we have good connections

With tailored, customer-centric services, we ensure efficient and reliable transport in Europe and beyond.

 How our international solutions help you

  • 4,200 customer sidings for fast, reliable, frequent and flexible connections
  • Combines the benefits of road and rail
  • The strong network in Europe and all the way to Asia
  • The largest fleet
  • Different commodity groups in each wagon possible
  • Environmentally friendly transport with up to 80 percent emission savings
  • Additional services: including Track & Trace, collection service, labelling and storage

DB Cargo's strong network

Whether from north to south or from west to China: you will always find the right offer with our block train or single wagon transports on the most important routes in Europe and Asia.


Europe's markets are becoming borderless

This is thanks in part to the use of multi-system locomotives in which DB Cargo invests. An example in Spain shows how that works: The Spanish DB Cargo subsidiary's new locomotives and the expansion of standard gauge routes are improving cross-border transport to the Iberian Peninsula.

Mehrsystemfähiger Lokomotive

Gateways to the European economy

We connect Europe’s two largest ports with their most important hinterland destinations in Germany and Vorarlberg.

Beladung Containerschiff mit Kran

Our shuttle service

Antwerp-shuttle - Rail transport connecting Antwerp and the Ruhr and Rhine/Neckar regions

The shuttle service in a nutshell: Conventional and intermodal rail transport connecting the Belgian industrial region of Antwerp and the surrounding ports to the Ruhr and Rhine/Neckar regions.

The benefits for you:

  • Up to 16 departures a week from Antwerp
  • Transport times under 24 hours
  • Conventional wagonload and intermodal services
  • Terminal-to-terminal and siding-to-siding services
  • Links up terminals and connecting services in Antwerp, the Rhine/Ruhr region and the Rhine/Neckar region.

Your contact: 

Jo Goyvaerts 
+32 3 545-9890

Mediterranean-shuttle - Fast service between Germany and Spain

The shuttle service in a nutshell: Fast service between Germany and Spain, tailored to the requirements of the automobile industry. Especially high frequency and capacity utilisation achieved by combining transports.

The benefits for you: 

  • Several departures per week
  • Fleet and equipment tailored to the sector
  • Flexible freight volumes
  • Punctual journeys
  • High degree of security through end-to-end consignment tracking
  • Central processing by our customer service centre in Duisburg

Your contact: 

Felix Schmitzer
Network Logistics
+49 6107 509-515

Zeebrugge-shuttle - Direct service between Rotterdam and Zeebrugge

The shuttle in a nutshell: Direct same-day connection between one of Europe's most modern harbours and Germany.

The benefits for you:

  • 4 departures per week
  • Additional departures available if needed.

Your contact: 

Tobias Schäfer 
Head of Product Engineering Consumer Goods, Pulp and Paper 
+49 6131 15-61247 

Alsace-shuttle - Connection between Eastern France and Offenburg

The shuttle service in a nutshell: Connects numerous chemicals clusters in eastern France with DB Cargo's single wagon network in Offenburg in Germany's Baden region.

The benefits for you: 

  • 5 departures per week (Mon-Fri)
  • Specially tailored to the needs of customers in the chemicals and steel sectors

Your contact: 

Control Tower Duisburg SWT France
+ 49 203 454 1663

Burghausen-shuttle - Connection from Southern to Northern Germany

The shuttle service in a nutshell: We connect the Bavarian chemical triangle to the seaports in Hamburg, Bremerhaven and Wilhelmshaven via the Maschen hub.

The benefits for you: 

  • Multiple weekly departures
  • 8 departures per week/direction
  • Open intermodal shuttle train connection
  • Cost-effective, reliable and environmentally friendly

Your contact: 

Thomas Pieger
Head of Sales and Operations Center Chemicals
+49 6131 1573160 

Power Railer - The leading block train system to South East Europe

The shuttle service in a nutshell: The leading block train system to South East Europe.

The benefits for you: 

  • Collection and delivery by rail wagon (if there is a siding) or truck (handling via railports)
  • Significant reduction of transport costs, especially for heavy goods or voluminous shipments
  • High departure frequencies to SOE
  • Pre-carriage or post-carriage by rail or truck possible, e.g., in Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, etc.

Your contact: 

Igor Hribar 
Head of DB Rail Services Austria 
+43 1 504 235-472 

Trailer Romania Xpress - Connection between Stuttgart and Romania

The shuttle service in a nutshell: With DB Cargo from Germany directly to Romania.

The benefits for you: 

  • High-frequency shuttle system for craneable semi-trailer, swap bodies and container
  • 5 departures per week
  • Our logistics specialists help you plan and execute your transport
  • Flexible booking options from low-cost fixed quotas to short-term spot bookings
  • Reliable and fast without traffic jams and rest times
  • Cost-effective as well as environmentally friendly without toll costs and with reduced CO2 emissions

Your contact: 

Pia Krai
Account Manager DB Cargo Logistics
+49 6107 509-118

Slovakia-shuttle - Direct connection between Germany and Slovakia

The shuttle service in a nutshell: Fast direct connection between Germany, the eastern Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The benefits for you: 

  • Daily departures in round trip (from Žilina)
  • Access to the DB Cargo single wagon load transport network in Halle and Ostrava (transition to the polish network) possible
  • Use of partner railway ZSSK Cargo’s single wagon network
  • Forwarding from Žilina to Ukraine, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria
  • Suitable for all types of goods
  • Current further development in the Czech Republic, Kolin & Hradec Kralove region

Your contact: 

Customer Service 
+49 203 9851-9000 

Slovenia-shuttle - Fast and reliable direct connection between Germany and Slovenia

The shuttle in a nutshell: Fast and reliable direct connection from Germany to Slovenia with train formations in Rosenheim and Ljubljana and train terminations in Ljubljana and Munich North.

The benefits for you: 

  • 4 round trips per week
  • Night jump in both directions
  • Drop-off and pick-up stop in Jesenice
  • Further destinations in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina accessible
  • Suitable goods: metal products, wood, paper, chemicals and agricultural products, load overruns / BZA possible by arrangement

Your contact: 

Customer Service 
+49 203 9851-9000 

Pulp Sprinter - Your scalable network solution for pulp in seaport hinterland services

The shuttle in a nutshell: Your scalable network solution for pulp in seaport hinterland services.

The benefits for you: 

  • Advantages through the combination of stable block trains and variable, scalable wagon-sets
  • Flexibly matched to your pulp quantity
  • Fast journey times and high reliability
  • Large-capacity sliding-wall wagons with utilisation of 60-64 t per wagon
  • One price per tonne
  • Use of several wagon pools (safe loading space)
  • Tracking & tracing, transhipment, onward carriage by truck, storage
  • Control & quality assurance via control tower

Your contact: 

Claus Keller
Head of Sales & Operations Center Pulp
0211 36802075

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Eco Solutions – DB Cargo is greener than ever

Rail freight transport is already very environmentally friendly. We have taken things a step further. With our Eco Solutions, you can make your transport chain climate neutral by using 100% renewable power and biofuel. For unavoidable emissions, we provide comprehensive offsetting options through selected sustainability projects which meet the CDM Gold Standard.

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