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Automotive meets rail logistics

Using our European Automotive RailNet, we offer rail logistics for components as well as finished vehicles.

  The benefits for you

  • A single source of rail logistics solutions for components and finished vehicles
  • The perfect combination of rail and road transport for door-to-door deliveries
  • Just-in-time and just-in-sequence deliveries to plants
  • Rail logistics services at our logistics centres and car terminals
  • High-performance battery logistics
  • Fleet of modern freight wagons for every type of vehicle

Automotive RailNet

We use our Automotive RailNet system to provide cross-modal rail logistics solutions that cater to car manufacturers, suppliers, dealers and export ports throughout Europe. Overall, 250 trains use our network every day. Our service covers the entire logistics chain for the car industry, including integrated first and last mile deliveries by lorry, transhipment and other rail-related services at our logistics centres.

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Get in touch with our expert.

Kai Birnstein

Kai Birnstein

Head of Automotive

Battery logistics

Applying logistics expertise to battery transport: We link companies making lithium-ion cells and battery modules to our existing Automotive RailNet, thereby providing them with direct access to the automotive industry’s production centres. When it comes to battery transport, rail can show off its strengths to the full. The load factor for freight wagons is two and a half times higher than for lorries. Trains also outperform lorries in terms of safety, regarding the number of accidents, and climate protection. Where there are no suitable access points to the rail network, we build our own battery logistics centres with integrated contract logistics services.

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Our services for you

Special wagons to match your requirements

From large but light pressed parts to heavy engines, SUVs or sports cars, our entire fleet is designed to handle all of your products while at the same time combining excellent load capacities with optimum freight safety. Whatever you want to transport, we know how to handle it.

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