Containerbahnhof mit Ladekran für LKW-Trailer

Door-to-door solutions

All goods can ride the rails – with speed and flexibility.

 How you benefit from DB Cargo’s door-to-door solutions

  • Maintain transparency and monitor the cargo you ship from door to door
  • Direct wagon-loading synchronised with your production 365 days/year with no dispatching warehouse
  • Precise on-time delivery to the other end of the transport chain in a narrow time slot
  • We organise the first and last mile of your transports and ensure recipients receive an efficient just-in-time supply which meets their needs

Energy-loaded transport chain

DB Cargo Logistics offers custom-tailored door-to-door solutions for the automotive industry, linking factories producing batteries with those manufacturing cars.


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We find the right solution for each of our customers

Multimodal logistics centres combine the advantages of rail and road transport. The railway offers a cost advantage over long transport distances, high bulk transport capacity, reliability and eco-friendliness, while road transport plays to its strengths of flexibility, network access and delivering small batches.

Wide range of goods

Palletised goods, steel products, paper rolls, containers, swap bodies, bulk goods and project loads.

Wide-ranging utility for our customers

We optimise supply chains according to our customers' needs, offer an extensive network of capable partners, help realise cost-reducing potential through outsourcing and provide lower costs by offering rail transport for long routes.

Wide array of services

We handle warehousing and warehouse management and logistical value-added services (VAS), including quality assurance, packing, repacking and order picking, and we also implement rail-based JIT and JIS models.

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