Car in manufacturing

Delivering automotive components to production lines

Our high-performance Automotive RailNet means your components arrive at your plant just-in-time as well as just-in-sequence.

 The benefits of Automotive RailNet

  • Intra-plant, supplier and spare part transport.
  • Across Europe, to Russia and China.
  • Just-in-time and just-in-sequence.
  • The perfect combination of rail and road transport.
  • End-to-end management from a single source.

Just-in-time and just-in-sequence

Customised services are the key to success. We work closely with you to develop integrated, environmentally friendly logistics models for road and rail. We manage your shipments every step of the way. Our logistics models are efficient end-to-end solutions that mesh with your processes and adapt perfectly to your requirements.

Trailer loading on wagon

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Porträt Kai Birnstein

Kai Birnstein

Head of Automotive ComponentsDB Cargo Logistics GmbH

Logistics as an all-in-one package

Our integrated automotive components logistics leave nothing out. From the main leg of a journey by train and transhipment to lorry-based first-and-last-mile deliveries and plant shunting services, you can count on us for everything. As DB Cargo’s automotive sector experts, DB Cargo Logistics knows what your challenges are and designs the perfect solutions to them.

Loading containers onto trailers

Our services for you

Specialised wagons to match your individual requirements

From large but light pressed parts to very heavy engines and gearboxes, our entire wagon fleet is designed to handle all of your products while at the same time combining excellent load capacities with optimum freight safety. Whatever you want to transport, we know how to handle it.

Auto parts loading wagon

Flexibility with combined transport

Thanks to our custom-designed pool of carrier wagons and loading units with internal clearance of 3 metres, your company can harness the benefits of rail transport without needing its own private siding. We also offer innovative, specially developed transhipment concepts for the rail transportation of trailers that cannot be moved by crane.

Truck trailer loading on wagon