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Your vehicles transported by rail

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  • Flexible and reliable distribution concepts.
  • Combination of different modes of transport.
  • Planning, implementation and management from a single source.
  • A large logistics portfolio and wide range of vehicle-specific services.
  • Modern freight wagon fleet for every type of vehicle.

Perfectly planned: Finished vehicle transportation by rail

For many years, automotive manufacturers have entrusted their vehicles, from sports cars to SUVs and vans, to rail operators and their secure, reliable services. DB Cargo Logistics is DB Cargo’s expert for automotive industry logistics, and its services cover everything car manufacturers need: block trains, high-use hub systems for lower volumes, multimodal solutions for finished vehicles, and much more.  


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Porträt Robert Nestler

Robert Nestler

Head of Finished VehiclesDB Cargo Logistics GmbH

Logistics for finished vehicles, all from a single source

We work with you to design tailored concepts for innovative, reliable and flexible services that can start directly at plants, ports or compounds. The benefits for you: we use our centralised system to develop and manage our tailored logistics solutions for you, and we are your contact for all of your questions, whether you want to transport freight in Germany, across Europe or along the Silk Road to China.

 Finished vehicles are loaded onto semi-trailers

Our services for you

Premium service

We work to unload vehicles in perfect condition at their destinations. Our modern closed double-decker wagons guarantee maximum safety and quality for your vehicles.

 Car vehicles on DB car train taken from the inside

Outstanding loading capacity

Flexibility is our secret weapon. Thanks to our special wagons with adjustable loading decks, we can adapt loading volumes to suit the different sizes of various vehicle types, i.e. high bodies or low road clearance.

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