Rangierbahnhof von oben

Strong rail. Strong numbers.

We are the leading European rail freight company - the facts prove it.


  • 2552 Locomotives transport and shunt your goods - including more and more electric and hybrid locomotives.

  • 30052 DB Cargo employees give their very best for you every day - and the number is still growing.

  • 78167 Own, leased and rented DB Cargo freight wagons in use for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

 Hard facts about our 2020 freight transport

  •  4,119 million Euro external revenue
  •  213.1 million tonne freight carried 
  •  78,670 million tonne-kilometres

 Even more facts

  • about 4,200 customer railway sidings in Germany, Denmark, Italy, Switzerland and the Netherlands
  • about 50 shunting facilities
  • about 33.500 kilometres of frequented rail network in Germany