Designing a lokomotives

We are:

European, Einziganders climate heros, the backbone of the economy

 DB Cargo - those with the red locomotives.

That's right, most of the time at least! Our fleet of locomotives has become a bit more colourful in recent months, as six locomotives of the DB Cargo "I am" series are now rolling on European rails. As ambassadors for our most important values, they are on the move for our customers day and night with our DB Cargo employees.

Here we present them:

I am the backbone

Rail freight works. Even in difficult times. The Corona crisis in particular has shown that rail freight transport is moving from backup to the backbone of the economy. Throughout Europe, DB Cargo has secured supplies and maintained transport flows. In single wagonload traffic alone, we move 500,000 trains per year and 15,000 wagons per day. That makes a total of 60 million tonnes of transported goods per year.

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I am a climate hero

Compared to lorries, rail freight transport causes 70-80% less CO₂ emissions. That's why DB Cargo saves 4.2 million tonnes of CO₂ every year and takes 42,000 trucks off the road every day. Rail freight transport is climate protection, which is why we want to grow and actively contribute to achieving the European climate targets. And at the request of our customers, the DBeco plus and DBeco neutral products make it even more environmentally friendly.

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I am Einziganders

We love diversity - with 30,000 employees in 17 different European countries, diversity is one of DB Cargo's greatest strengths and most important values. At Deutsche Bahn, the term "Einziganders" stands for openness, diversity and tolerance.

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Train with coloured typo and young female driver in front of it.

I am European

Due to the European elections in May 2019, we have made a clear commitment to Europe as a European company. The class 193 locomotives are the ideal ambassadors for this as they cross borders on a daily basis like no other locomotive and are in service throughout Europe.

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