Rail for everyone

Rangierer vor Autozug

Rail for everyone

Even without a siding, you can easily transport your goods by rail. We take care of everything for you.

 How to get your goods on the railways easily

  • From a single wagon from 13 tonnes up to a whole train, everything is possible. 
  • From the port with seaport hinterland services to the destination. 
  • Via the railport, with which we offer further services such as storage, order picking, customs clearance and pre- and on-carriage by truck. 
  • Via combinded transport terminals for containers, including direct delivery by truck on request. 
  • From your company's own siding - the construction of which can be subsidised by up to 50 % of the investment sum. 
  • Via public sidings with loading lanes and ramps for loading and unloading trucks. 

Pre-carriage and onward carriage

Your shipping and receiving addresses do not have direct access to the rail network? No problem, we will organise the pre- and on-carriage directly for you. Your goods are collected on site by truck and transported by road to the next rail access point. After rail transport, your goods are picked up by truck at a transshipment point near the destination and transported to the final receiving address. Thanks to pre-carriage and onward carriage, a separate rail siding is not required.


Without a siding: With Rail Access

Thanks to our railports and Europe-wide partners at ports, combined transport terminals and public sidings, you can enjoy the benefits of rail even without your own siding. Click here to search for the location of your nearest rail access.

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Your own siding: many advantages and subsidies

Connecting your company directly to the rail network can be worthwhile: lower costs, extended loading and unloading time frames, better planning. In addition, there is a subsidy of up to 50 percent for the investments of new construction, expansion, reactivation or replacement. Since 2021, multifunctional facilities for rail/road transhipment as well as junction points and feeder and industrial sidings to sidings have also been subsidised. The experts in our regional sales department will assist you in applying for funding and during all phases of the project.


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