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Rail for everyone

Transporting your cargo by rail doesn't have to mean building yourself a private siding. We provide easy ways to get your freight onto the rail network. Why? Because rail freight transport is the most sustainable way to move goods.

 With us, your logistics is:

  • Predictable and dependable thanks to a dense, Europe-wide rail network
  • Environmentally friendly thanks to "green transports". Find out here how you can actively improve the climate.
  • Flexible – from single wagons to entire trains.
  • Cheaper than you might think!

Logistics can be so simple - Our new customer service

We move over 2,700 trains per day with goods from various industries such as automotive, consumer goods or steel. We transport (almost) anything for you - all over Europe and even to Asia. An we support you in making your supply chain more innovative, more sustainable and cost-optimised. Switching to rail is easier than you think — see for yourself.

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 Getting your freight onto rail is easy

  • From any port with hinterland transport to your destination
  • Via railport, for which we offer additional services such as storage, order picking, customs clearance and pre- and post-carriage by lorry
  • Via combined transport terminals for containers, including direct delivery by lorry on request
  • From your company's own railway siding - the construction of which can be subsidised with up to 50% of the investment sum
  • Via free-loading sidings with loading roads and ramps for loading and unloading lorries

Private sidings: Many advantages and grants

Connecting your company directly to the rail network can be worthwhile: lower costs, extended loading and unloading windows, better planning. In addition, there is an up to 50% subsidy for investments in new construction, expansion or reactivation. The experts from our regional sales department will assist you in applying for the subsidy and during all phases of the project.


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