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Help protecting the climate with DB Cargo

Trains are not just the safest way to transport freight - they are also the greenest. Why? Because they generate up to 80% less CO2 than road transport.

 The benefits of CO2-free rail transport for you

  • Two strong products: DBeco plus and DBeco neutral
  • 100% green energy for CO2-free transport in Germany and Austria
  • Compensation for unavoidable CO2 emissions
  • Certificate for CO2 savings

DB Cargo is greener than ever

While rail freight transport is already very environmentally friendly, DB Cargo has taken things a step further. With DBeco plus and DBeco neutral, we transport your freight by rail without producing any CO2 emissions whatsoever, while our transports by road are climate neutral.

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Meike Friedrich

Marketing Manager

Strong Rail gets a boost

To make transport more sustainable and reduce damaging emissions, Germany and Europe need to shift more consignments to environmentally friendly means of transport. Deutsche Bahn has set specific targets for the climate as part of its Strong Rail initiative.

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