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Rail Access

Find the right access points to the rail network

Rail Access

You can execute multimodal transport across Europe even without sidings. You will find suitable access points to the rail network here.

As shipping agents without your own sidings, you rely on a dense network of transfer points from the road to the rails.

DB Cargo offers this network – and conceivably facilitates access for you.

The "Multimodal track access" online tool gives an overview of available loading points, local additional logistics services and further equipment characteristics.

Maps visualise the track access points. These can be filtered according to region and location type (free-loading siding, railport and CT terminal).

You are welcome to address any questions or suggestions in connection with loading points to the contact persons listed on the right.



Get a quick overview of DB Cargo's international rail freight services


Get a quick overview of DB Cargo's international rail freight services.
Here you can take a look at a graphical representation of our most important products, divided into four categories:

- Networks: across Europe and as far as Asia

- Shuttles: fast, high-frequency direct connection

- Industry solutions: our special products, e.g. for transporting chemicals or steel

- Fast corridors: regular links between European industrial centres

The graphical representation shows the freight stations, multimodal terminals, hubs and ports, the locations of the DB Cargo national companies as well as product details, running times and contact details.

You can request an individual offer for your transport requirement by clicking on the "Search connection" button. Simply select your departure and destination stations and send the request directly to our customer service.




Find your best connection


The freight timetable gives you connection information quickly and simply. The overview of the range of single wagon system services simplifies the planning of your transport.

Use our online freight timetable and its many functions, such as:

- Display of departure, arrival and journey times

- Information on route classes

- Additional information, such as. environmental balance

- Area maps and overview maps for the dispatch and receiving railway stations

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Online shop Singlewagon plus

Order multimodal transportation for full truck loads

Online shop Singlewagon plus

In our online shop you can book multimodal transports for full truck loads at short notice. We transport your goods overnight with Singlewagon plus, organizing equipment, transport and handling services.

All benefits at a glance:

  • Multimodal transport of a full truck load with up to 34 pallets
  • Next working day delivery (A-B)
  • 45-foot curtainside swap bodies with Code XL and beverage certification
  • Up to 25 tonnes load weight


From the general inquiry to the individual offer


We will gladly take care of your transport request. Use our form and we will let you know without obligation what we can do for you.


Wagon Catalogue

Find the optimal freight wagon for your transport

Wagon Catalogue

DB Cargo has approximately 75,000 freight wagons of numerous designs in use. Learn here how you can optimally use such freight wagons for your transport purposes.

Whether you want to get an overview or verify detailed information and modalities – our freight wagon catalogue informs you about

- Load limits

- Dimensions

- Stowage plans

- Ordering options

- Loading periods

- Demurrage



Find freight stations near you with DIUM


Here you can search for the most important information on 12,000 freight railway stations in 29 European countries online and have fare distances calculated between the freight railway stations.

The DIUM (Distancier international uniforme marchandises) is a directory of all European freight traffic points, published by the International Railway Union (UIC).

The “Güterbahnhöfe DIUM” online tool makes all information stored in the DIUM accessible to you as a user.

- Railway station search: Displays information relating to freight railway stations and loading points

- Distance search: Calculates the distance between individual railway stations/loading points

- Marks of reference: Gives an overview of customs clearance conditions at the respective freight railway station

- DIUM profile: As a regular user, allows you to permanently save pre-settings in a profile in the selection of border crossings.

Older DIUM information: You can always find the most up-to-date DIUM information in the Internet application. Older data can be found as a PDF file on the webpages of the UIC.


EcoTransIT World

Decision-making aids for the choice of modes of transport from an ecological perspective

EcoTransIT World

EcoTransIT World supplies decision-making aids for the choice of modes of transport from an ecological perspective.

With EcoTransIT World, companies can work out quickly and comprehensibly which transport mode can take their goods to their destination in the most environmentally-compatible manner. EcoTransIT World determines the ecological balance of different modes of transport for global transport flows (lorry, ship, aeroplane, train) which contains both energy consumption and the emission of CO2- and other air pollutants. And all of that in just a few clicks.

You can find further information and scientific bases regarding EcoTransIT World here (Balance Sheet).
Industrial companies which have their own sustainability management systems are increasingly using EcoTransIT World and are opting ever more frequently for transport solutions which are not only sustainable from an economic perspective, but also an ecological perspective. The calculation method corresponds to current accounting standards, such as DIN EN 16258.



Book the optimal container for your transport


You only need to make a few clicks to book a train for transporting containers "port-to-door", i.e. from one of Germany's seaports straight to the recipient in the hinterland. Rail freight is secure, fast and environmentally friendly, and the service is – of course – also available for deliveries travelling from loaders to Germany's ports as well.

Deutsche Bahn subsidiary TFG Transfracht developed the booking platform for this. Three clicks are all it takes to dispatch a container: one for a transport inquiry, one for an offer, and one for a reservation. To complete a booking inquiry, you need to provide just four items of information: port, destination, date of dispatch and container type. The system then immediately generates a price quote, and no registration is necessary.

The benefits at a glance:

- More streamlined booking process

- Intuitively usable

- Cost transparency

- Real-time service and support via chat function

- Live creditworthiness check for immediate booking

Rail transport's environmental friendliness and the geographical reach of the AlbatrosExpress network for TFG's seaport hinterland services are more great reasons to transport containers by train.



Find the right NHM code for your goods


To simplify logistical tasks, all types of goods are provided with their own clear NHM code. We will help you to determine the correct code.

With NHM-Codes (NHM = „Nomenclature Harmonisée Marchandises – Harmonised Goods Directory“) every individual type of good can be clearly assigned. If you do not yet know the NHM code of your transport good or do not have it to hand, you can find it using our NHM code search.

You will quickly find the relevant code using the goods sector, goods group and goods type. Vice versa, it is possible to assign the type of goods by inputting the code. The search function is available in 21 languages.

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Any questions?

What is link2rail?

link2rail is the digital platform of DB Cargo. It includes e-services and online tools. The e-services are of assistance for the individual processes, booking, monitoring and invoicing. The online tools are useful applications around freight transport, such as the network map, the search for rail access points, the timetable or freight wagon catalogue.

How can I become a link2rail user?

As the e-services from link2rail are tailored to the individual needs of customers, the account manager will first consult with you to work out the best offer for your needs. Which services do you wish to use? Will you access them via the portal, an API (interface) or the app? When it comes to configuring, we'll provide you with step-by-step assistance, including on site. Already using DB Cargo digital services? – Contact your account manager to switch them to link2rail.

How much does it cost to use link2rail?

That depends on which services you use. The online tools and basic use of e-services via the portal are free of charge. Extended use of the e-services via an app or API is subject to a use/service charge. Your personal account manager will be pleased to work out an offer tailored to your needs. If you don't have an account manager, please contact the new-customer service.

How do I register?

The online tools are free to access. To use the e-services, please contact your personal account manager or, if you don't have one, the new-customer service. You will then be individually advised and first receive the terms of use and later the technical details. Depending on the method of access, even an on-site set-up is possible.

Who will help me if I have technical problems?

For all questions and change requests, you can contact your personal account manager or the link2rail team via email.


Why are there different e-services depending on the method of access?

The e-services from link2rail are being continuously improved. Currently, we provide the most frequently desired and most useful functions; others will be added later.

Contact our expert now.

Team link2rail

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