Wagon Intelligence

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Our intelligent freight wagons enhance our eServices

Equipped with telematics and sensor technology, we can give our customers a comprehensive and accurate view of their freight transports.

Telematics and sensor technology make freight wagons smart

We equiped almost 63,000 of our DB Cargo freight wagons with telematics and sensors. By that, we generate some two million datasets daily, which are transferred to and processed in the DB IoT cloud. Thus, we record position- and movement data.

The wagons' digital twins are displayed in dashboards and provide information for additional applications to improve wagon management  and to optimise logistics and operating processes. Standardisation at European level enables the integration of third-party wagons in the DB Cargo information systems.

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Cloud technology and big data & machine learning methods improve the informative value

The linking of position data with information from operations, e.g. order data, enables the automatic generation of "Value Added Business Events" (VABE, higher value business events). This can be an arrival, a departure or a passage of a wagon at a railway station.

The GPS-based status messages integrate seamlessly into DB Cargo's systems and improve the informative value of the link2rail eServices Track&Trace, Geofence Control and Roundtrip Control.

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Intelligent freight wagons and IT developments provide reliable wagon and consignment data

Messages in Europe at home and abroad are transmitted, processed and made available with high data quality in real time.

The link2rail portal provides a graphical and tabular representation of the sensor and telematics data in dashboards.

Fast and automated information provision is possible via the API interface and offers direct connection to the systems of DB Cargo.

We have a common goal: To shift more freight on rail

DB Cargo can participate in various European and national funding programs in its efforts to achieve more innovation and digitalisation in rail freight transport. 

The EU’s “Connecting Europe Facility” (CEF) programme provided financial support for equipping freight wagons and standardising activities (Activity No. 2018-DE-TM-0005-W).

IT development receives funding from the Federal Ministry of Digital and Transportation within the framework of the “Zukunft Schienengüterverkehr” programme.

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