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 link2rail – This is how it works



Coordination of the steel recycling industry​.


Functionalities & Customer value:

link2rail Recycling enables holistic logistics management for the steel recycling industry.​

Scrap suppliers:  ​

  • Registration of scrap shipment quantities for feeder-controlled steelworks​
  • All processes incl. status are displayed in one planning overview​
  • Improved shipment planning following acceptance or rejection of quantities by the steelworks​


  • Networking with all suppliers in one place​
  • Scrap type-specific/demand-oriented planning​
  • Connection to scheduling systems provides better reception forecasts for incoming scrap volumes​
  • No "overflow" of unloading points, as the scrap inflow is controlled by the steel mills themselves and supported by DB Cargo

Empty Wagon

To your wagon enquiry with one click

Empty Wagon

Functionalities & Customer value:

  • Requests can be placed manually or by template via the portal. Alternatively, demand requests can be sent automatically via your in-house system using an API. ​
  • You receive transparent status feedback on your ordered trolleys and can set individual filters. ​
  • By using templates you save time with every empty wagon order. ​
  • The creation is done by the customer service. ​
  • In the portal, you can order several wagon types for different times of need at once in customizable masks.



To your order with one click


Functionality & customer value:​

  • You can create bookings and complete orders in the portal.​
  • Get overview of all orders and bookings as well as order codes.​
  • Attach documents and comments directly to the orders.​
  • Copy-and-paste and automatic generation of individual waybills save you time-consuming manual entries and increase data quality.​
  • A traffic light logic indicates the due date for processing.​
  • You can configure the user interface individually and benefit from fast entry masks.



The location of your goods with one click


Functionality & Customer Benefits:​

  • You receive current status messages about your shipment using GPS data and can view a transport history.​
  • In the portal you receive information on wagon level with the possibility of data search and filtering. Via API, data can be queried at loading unit/wagon and train level.​
  • Better information quality and density through GPS data at home and abroad when commissioned via DB Cargo.​
  • Location information from different sources is consolidated, filtered and aggregated into a meaningful result.​
  • Uniform and transparent data enables follow-up processes to be organized efficiently.




Geofence Control

Determine idle times with one click

Geofence Control

Functionality & Customer Benefits:​

  • Overview of the wagons that are on your premises.​
  • Shows you which wagon is where, including duration of stay and remaining loading period​
  • Display on map and in tabular form​
  • Efficient processes for goods wagons on site and in coordination with DB Cargo.​
  • Transparency on your premises enables better control of loading units and factory railways​
  • Identification of cases with exceeding the loading time limit


All invoices at a glance with only one click


Functionality & Customer Benefits:​

  • In the portal, all invoiced services for the specified service period can be viewed at any time.​
  • The invoices can be filtered according to various criteria and retrieved as a PDF.​
  • The invoice overview can be exported to Excel.​
  • A central storage location of the invoice for users of different departments is guaranteed.​
  • No more need to print out invoices, as access to all invoices is unlimited in time.

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For customers and interested parties we offer a number of free online tools, with which you can convince yourself of rail as a transport carrier and DB Cargo as a service provider


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Any questions?

What is link2rail?

link2rail is the digital platform of DB Cargo. It includes e-services and online tools. The e-services are of assistance for the individual processes, booking, monitoring and invoicing. The online tools are useful applications around freight transport, such as the network map, the search for rail access points, the timetable or freight wagon catalogue.

How can I become a link2rail user?

As the e-services from link2rail are tailored to the individual needs of customers, the account manager will first consult with you to work out the best offer for your needs. Which services do you wish to use? Will you access them via the portal, an API (interface) or the app? When it comes to configuring, we'll provide you with step-by-step assistance, including on site. Already using DB Cargo digital services? – Contact your account manager to switch them to link2rail.

How much does it cost to use link2rail?

That depends on which services you use. The online tools and basic use of e-services via the portal are free of charge. Extended use of the e-services via an app or API is subject to a use/service charge. Your personal account manager will be pleased to work out an offer tailored to your needs. If you don't have an account manager, please contact the new-customer service.

How do I register?

The online tools are free to access. To use the e-services, please contact your personal account manager or, if you don't have one, the new-customer service. You will then be individually advised and first receive the terms of use and later the technical details. Depending on the method of access, even an on-site set-up is possible.

Who will help me if I have technical problems?

For all questions and change requests, you can contact your personal account manager or the link2rail team via email.


Why are there different e-services depending on the method of access?

The e-services from link2rail are being continuously improved. Currently, we provide the most frequently desired and most useful functions; others will be added later.