Digitalisation of logistics: Potential gains and practical tips

A white paper from DB Cargo reveals the present and future of digital logistics.

How can digitalisation make logistics better? What factors are driving innovation and what are some examples of how digitalisation has already changed logistics? Digitalisation ranks among the top logistics industry issues. Together with automation, it is considered the key to successful logistics. But how can companies put digitalisation and automation into practice? And what digital technologies will be needed in future? 

A white paper  from DB Cargo offers answers to many of these open questions. As a full-service logistics partner that can handle more than just rail freight, DB Cargo shows you what digitalisation and automation can and need to do when it comes to logistics. The technologies are not only important for the goal of decarbonising the transport sector, which is crucial for meeting the German government's climate targets. They are also vital for meeting consumers' needs in the long term.

White paper: Digitalisation and automation in logistics

Here is what to expect from the white paper "Digitalisation and automation as the key to successful logistics – real-world examples and potential"

  • Foreword
    Explanation of what this white paper is about and why digitalisation and automation matter in logistics.
  • Introduction to the topic: A new age of rail freight transport 
    Here you can find information on the potential to be gained from digitalisation in logistics and the initiatives taking place throughout Germany. Peter Holm, expert and Vice Dean at the Provadis School of International Management and Technology in Frankfurt, also reveals what it takes to successfully digitalise logistics processes. 
  • The status quo: digitalisation and automation in practice
    What logistics technologies is DB Cargo already using today? How will digital technologies further boost the competitiveness of rail going forward? You can find out here. 
  • link2rail: DB Cargo's e-services 
    Find out how to use the electronic services of DB Cargo's link2rail platform to better manage your logistics processes. Facts, figures and advantages of the platform are clearly presented at a glance.
  • Real-world examples: link2rail in use
    Global steel producer SSAB reports how link2rail's tracking module has made its transports more efficient.
  • Outlook: What will happen in future? 
    DB Cargo and Peter Holm, an expert, take a look at the (near) future to demonstrate which technologies will make rail freight transport even more appealing. 
  • Conclusion
    Last but not least, read the summary to learn what conclusions you can take away from this white paper.

Interested? You can download the white paper here.