A single logo for single wagonload transport


A single logo for single wagonload transport

Bringing everyone together: DB Cargo and its partners create a unified rail brand.

Single wagonload transport (SWT) is not just the backbone of the German economy. It is also crucial for the modal shift and the fight against climate change because trains cut CO₂ emissions by 80% per load unit and transport connection. This is one of the reasons why DB Cargo and its partners in Netzwerk Zukunft Einzelwagenverkehr, the network for the future of single wagonload services, want to generate greater awareness of SWT’s importance and versatility as a form of freight transport. The association's members plan to step up their collective activities for this service and market it as its own brand.

Shared logo for a stronger brand

The network was founded in May 2021, and 29 of the 150 rail freight operators in the Association of German Transport Companies (VDV) have so far joined. These partners want to strengthen their cooperation and promote the network’s continued growth. One of the network’s plans is to launch its own logo that will help create a brand for SWT and also bring the partners closer together. The idea is to demonstrate their commitment to a common product. Marvin Stupp, Head of Railway Sales at RheinCargo, describes the new development like this: “By coming up with the logo for SWT as a product, we have finally created a recognisable identity for the sustainable and future-focused single wagonload services that we have been providing to our customers for decades, with the support of our partners at DB Cargo.”

Benefitting customers and the environment

The association aims to attract new partners by highlighting its joint marketing activities and the benefits of being part of a network, with sustainability serving as the primary motivation to come on board. Transporting freight exclusively by train for the entire length of the supply chain delivers maximum climate protection when compared to the use of conventional road haulage. Switching to rail is also worthwhile for anyone with a small consignment to move.

The joint logo for SWT symbolises the diversity and strength of a Europe-wide network that gives customers access to the modern and competitive logistics services of committed and inspiring partners. “Single wagonload transport is the backbone of successful and sustainable economic growth. A high-performance network can take shape only when all rail operators, DB Cargo included, come together. The new logo represents this teamwork along with the network's diversity,” says Remo Piesker, head of Regional Sales West at DB Cargo.

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Remo Piesker

Head of Regional Sales West DB Cargo AG