Train in green landscape from air perspective

Sustainability is part of our DNA

We harmonise environmental protection, economic and social responsibility.

Our environmental management is certified

We analyse and evaluate our environmental impact. From this we develop structured goals and measures. Some of these measures are briefly presented here. Since 2002, we have had our environmental management system fully certified according to DIN EN ISO 14001.

Our environmental management is certified

Efficient use of resources

  • .We actively promote the use of secondary raw materials and decrease the consumption of valuable primary raw materials.
  •  By means of energy audits and the verification of our meter structure we search for ways of further minimising energy consumption in our facilities.
  • The optimum utilisation of our trains and our train drivers' energy-saving approach to driving help us to decrease energy consumption.

Indirect environmental impact

  • Our suppliers are obliged to comply with our environmental policy within the scope of their supplies.

Noise protection

  • By successively converting our freight wagons to so-called whisper brakes, we aim to halve rolling noise by the end of 2020. More about noise protection.

Environmentally friendly vehicles and facilities

  • Constant monitoring of specifications under environmental law help to prevent environmental pollution and ensure that errors are quickly rectified.
  • The modernisation of our vehicle fleet leads to energy efficiency and the reduction of pollutants emitted.

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