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Maintenance: good care makes all the difference

In 11 plants, 15 field offices and 58 mobile teams, DB Cargo AG's maintenance division offers the largest maintenance network in Germany for operational and scheduled maintenance as well as overhauls for locomotives and freight wagons.

 How our maintenance activities help you

  • Network for maintenance in 13 European countries
  • 26 sites in Germany alone
  • Mobile teams for maintenance at every station or even on the open track
  • Maintenance expertise for countless locomotive classes and virtually all types of wagon


Our services for you

  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Condition-based maintenance (preventive and corrective)
  • Mobile maintenance (freight wagons and locomotives)
  • Inspections and general overhauls (freight wagons and locomotives)
  • Exchange and addition of service fluids
  • Locomotive cleaning
  • Replacement of major components
  • Work on European train protection systems
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Welding
  • Reprofiling
  • Customised work possible after consultation

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Overview of depots and infrastructure

DB Cargo has over 11 large depots and 15 branch offices for maintenance work in Germany. At most sites we offer maintenance for both locomotives and freight wagons. (PDF only in german)

Güterwagen im Instandhaltungswerk

What does a mobile maintenance team do?

DB Cargo’s locomotives and wagons undergo regular maintenance. But sometimes things break along the way. That is where the mobile teams come in.

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The freight wagon doctors will see you now

DB Cargo has roughly 200 different types of freight wagons in operation. To ensure that they always run reliably and safely, they undergo maintenance at regular intervals at maintenance depots like the one in Cologne-Gremberg.

Güterwagen im Instandhaltungswerk

Keeping locomotives from freezing

When winter comes knocking, the locomotives at DB Cargo aren't treated much differently than most cars: they are prepped for the cold season. At the maintenance depot in Cologne-Gremberg alone, 150 locomotives are winterised every year.

Mann bei der Arbeit im Instandhaltungswerk Köln

Certificates and authorizations

The Maintenance units at DB Cargo boast a large number of different authorisations and certificates.

Certificates and authorizations

The Maintenance units at DB Cargo boast a large number of different authorisations and certificates. The internal quality management system ensures that our high standards are upheld and our processes observed.

General Terms and Conditions of Business

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General Terms and Conditions of Business

Maintenance services at DB Cargo AG's depots are governed by DB Cargo AG's General Terms and Conditions of Business (AGBInst) and by DB Cargo AG's operational safety provisions (BetrSichBest).


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