DB Cargo handles a heavyweight


DB Cargo handles a heavyweight

We help our customer LoTraFer srl transport heavy loads by rail.

Heavy transports in logistics are not an easy task. The reasons for this include road conditions, the cargo's heavy weight and approvals that have to be obtained from the authorities. Freight transport by rail can succeed where heavy goods vehicles fail. DB Cargo recently demonstrated this with our Italian client LoTraFer srl. Together we transported transformers that each weighed 90 tonnes and measured three and a half metres in height, all the way from Italy to Belgium. 

Special eight-axle wagon necessary

LoTraFer was responsible for pre-carriage by HGV to the railport in Desio, as well as transhipment and securing the load on the wagon. Certain regulations must be observed when securing loads. In some cases, coordination with the loading consultancy and wagon inspector is also necessary. The dimensions and weight meant that an eight-axle wagon had to be hired. The transformers were then loaded and transported to Antwerp in seven days. Transport was provided through DB Cargo's single wagonload service, which offers a fast and sustainable alternative to heavy goods vehicles. DB Cargo organises the entire service, including first and last mile by HGV, and provides the equipment.

Arrival at the terminal

Experts at work

Once the load arrived in Antwerp, DB Cargo was responsible for transhipment and the onward journey by barge to Vilvoorde near Brussels, with help provided by experts at our offices. Finally, the barge was unloaded and the transformers were taken by HGV from the quay to the foundation. The office responsible is one of the few at DB Cargo that deals with transports of this kind throughout Europe. Transporting transformers is one of the most complex operations the logistics industry handles. If this sensitive equipment is damaged, the costs can be enormous, as can the harm to tracks, infrastructure and buildings along the way. Cargoes weighing between 30 and 175 tonnes require appropriate expertise. For even heavier transports, our specialists in the heavy load group in Duisburg provide support.

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