The DB Cargo network #2: From Scandinavia to Italy

A DB Cargo freight train travels along a coast. Behind him you can see a small Italian town.

The DB Cargo network #2: From Scandinavia to Italy

The southern route offers a fast and eco-friendly connection on the north-south corridor through Europe.

DB Cargo's comprehensive network spans all of Europe and parts of Asia. Our network map provides a clear overview of the benefits and special features that the various rail freight links have to offer. This series presents the individual routes in the network. Today is the southern route's turn.

Loaded with the southern Italian sun 


Italian products such as pasta, tomato sauce and olive oil are popular throughout Europe. But the range of products that railports like Maddaloni in southern Italy handle, receive and ship to northern European retailers every day is much more diverse than just large volumes of foods and beverages. Customers from the steel, transport and paper industries also use the route, which runs along the north-south corridor and connects Scandinavia and the port of Zeebrugge with southern Italy. They benefit from Alpine transit through the Gotthard Base Tunnel because unlike lorries, rail freight transport can avoid traffic jams on the roads. This brings goods to their destination quickly and in a virtually climate-neutral way.

A map of the southern DB Cargo route.

Broad range of services from DB Cargo

DB Cargo's southern route offers a dense European rail network between the most important industrial centres on this corridor. The range of services includes block trains for larger cargo volumes and efficient single-wagon transports, in which products from different suppliers are consolidated into full container loads. This allows both small and large cargo volumes to be transported by freight train. Door-to-door solutions make rail freight transport possible even in regions with poor infrastructure, thanks to first and last mile transport via HGV. The flexibility with which complete trains can be separated into single wagons and routed to different destinations is also particularly attractive for steel customers.

Service from A to Z

As usual with DB Cargo, customer service does not start and end with the booked rail line. DB Cargo also plans and organises the first and last mile in combined transport. Whether customers book individual containers or entire trains, or are only travelling on certain sections of the route, DB Cargo creates a complete transport package from A to Z.

To find out more about this and other routes, take a look at DB Cargo's new network map.

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