Single wagonload transport

 Your advantages in our single wagonload transport 

By offering nationwide single wagonload services, DB Cargo is the only company in Germany which gives companies with low cargo volumes a way to reap the benefits of rail transport across the country and throughout Europe

Your benefits at a glance: 

  • Largest railway network in Europe 
  • Access even without a private siding 
  • Flexible ordering with regard to times, cargo volumes and routes 
  • Large wagon fleet with special equipment 
  • Environmentally friendly transportation 

DB Cargo's single wagonload transports move some 15,000 wagons every day, one third of them on cross-border connections. In this way, DB Cargo helps you to meet your targets for reducing CO2 emissions.

Fast and direct

We offer you direct connections between Europe’s economic centres with departures also at night and on Sundays and public holidays. With our express products on high-frequency connections, we run services up to five times a day.


As a fast and sustainable alternative to lorry transport, we offer customers in all industries complete door-to-door services, even for individual consignments. We take on the complete organisation of the service, including arranging the pre-carriage and onward carriage by road and providing the equipment.

Railports throughout Europe

Customers without their own private sidings can rely on DB Cargo. Across Europe, our conveniently located railports provide access to the rail network.

Broad range of goods covered
  • Containers and swap bodies 
  • Palletised goods 
  • Steel and metal products 
  • Chemical products 
  • Paper rolls 
  • Bulk goods
Exclusive product logo for single wagon transport

The network "Zukunft Einzelwagenverkehr” was founded in May 2021, and 29 of the 150 rail freight operators in the Association of German Transport Companies (VDV) have so far joined. These partners want to strengthen their cooperation and promote the network’s continued growth. An own logo will help create a brand for single wagon transport and also bring the partners closer together. The idea is to demonstrate their commitment to a common product.

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  • 500000 Trains in our DB Cargo single wagon network.

  • 15000 Own, leased and rented DB Cargo freight wagons in use for you.

  • 40 per cent of our single wagon transports are international.

Intermodal transport: In combined transport we put all your goods on rails.

We offer 150 terminals for combined transport in 16 countries. You decide which of our services you need.

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