Making history for German rail freight: 40 years of DUSS

DB Cargo sends congratulations

Deutsche Umschlaggesellschaft Schiene-Strasse, better known as DUSS, is a force to be reckoned with in the world of German rail freight transport. Today, the company is one of Germany's largest terminal operators.

Happy Birthday DUSS!

The company, which is owned by DB Netz AG, Deutsche Bahn AG and Kombiverkehr GmbH & Co KG, began its success story exactly 40 years ago on 8 November 1982. DUSS transhipped its first freight in Freiburg in 1984, and by 2021 the company had already notched up 40 million transhipments. This year it is marking another landmark: its 40th anniversary. The terminal network will remain an important factor in combined transport and the further expansion of Strong Cargo, so the only question is what will come next for DUSS — 50 million transhipments or its 50th birthday? Congratulations to everyone at DUSS!