Mercancías al tren – Freight belongs on rail

Green container in Spain.

Mercancías al tren – Freight belongs on rail

Rail freight transport campaign among finalists for PR award.

"Freight belongs on rail": The distinctive green container with its important message has been on tour in Germany for several years. But it's not just in Germany that DB Cargo is publicising the importance of rail freight transport; containers bearing the slogan in other languages are on the road in other European countries as well.


Freight belongs on rail in Spain and the UK, too.

The green containers have been travelling to events, public places and trade fairs around Spain and the UK since 2022, showing the important role rail freight transport plays in protecting the climate. With information, exhibits and videos, Transfesa Logistics and its campaign partners are working to raise awareness about the issue among the public and policymakers. In Spain, too, freight belongs on rail. In the United Kingdom, the campaign was taken directly to 10 Downing Street to encourage the prime minister and his cabinet to set a growth target for rail freight transport, which would be a first in the UK. The campaign has met with such strong support that the British government has now committed to such a growth target to support the decarbonisation of transport in the UK.

Among the best: Campaign reaches award finals

Transfesa Logistics (DB Cargo's Spanish subsidiary) and DB Cargo UK have also put the message on green containers. On the Iberian Peninsula, they say "Mercancías al tren". And so as not to be alone in spreading the word about shifting traffic to rail, Transfesa Logistics and DB Cargo UK have brought other companies in the industry on board to drum up support for green logistics. ​​​​​​​

Because of the campaign's relevance for a climate-neutral future, Transfesa Logistics and DB Cargo UK entered the World Public Relations & Communication Awards 2023 with their respective slogans ("Mercancías al tren" and "Freight belongs on rail") – and reached the final round. By combining a strong visual impact and an important message, their campaign convinced the judges and generated more valuable attention for rail freight transport.