More flexible connections: box2rail expands its service portfolio

The online booking platform now boasts a denser network.

From the Adriatic to the Baltic Sea, and from Rotterdam to Austria – customers wishing to transport containers to central Europe can book box2rail for a quick and easy solution with transparent pricing. Since the most recent timetable change, TFG Transfracht’s online booking platform has offered a denser network and even more flexible options for eco-friendly rail transport, starting from a single container.

On its Frankfurt route, for example, TFG has increased service frequency by adding another round trip for a total of six departures per week. It has also increased service frequency in the southwestern German town of Kornwestheim and switched two direct-train round trips from Stuttgart to run through the hub in Maschen, thus providing a link to all major loading points at Germany’s seaports. Nuremberg is now also offering higher frequencies and more capacity per train. Additionally, up to ten new connections weekly are now running from Regensburg to the ports in Rotterdam and Antwerp. 

Platform provides bird’s-eye view of capacity along the entire transport chain

Philipp Best is head of sales at TFG Transfracht. “Our expanded service portfolio allow us to keep pace with rising demand among our customers,” he says. “Even during the coronavirus pandemic, a growing number of companies are relying on eco-friendly logistics solutions. More companies need transparency in their transport chain, so our capacity view for rail and road service meets their needs. With box2rail, we want to get even more customers excited about rail in future and show them how simple it is to transport freight by train.”  

The simplicity of rail transport is underscored by the box2rail concept, which uses an online platform. Customers simply enter a seaport, destination, date of dispatch and container type. In just a few clicks, box2rail provides a list of transport options, including prices, and displays both road and rail capacity. This gives customers a bird’s-eye view of the entire transport chain, which leverages the AlbatrosExpress, the densest European rail network in seaport hinterland transport.

Helping to protect the climate one container at a time

The network links more than 15,000 locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland to the German seaports in Hamburg, Bremerhaven and Wilhelmshaven, the southern port of Koper on Slovenia’s Adriatic coast and the western ports in Rotterdam and Antwerp. Since a freight train produces roughly 80% less CO2 than a lorry, box2rail helps protect the climate with every container shifted from the road to the railway.

The average container travels 600 km by rail before being carried 27 km by lorry on the final stretch to the destination. “Even on the last mile, we help protect the climate by using low-pollution, low-noise and high-efficiency vehicles.” The booking platform’s motto: “Whether it’s one, two or even more containers, every container counts with box2rail.”

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