The DB Cargo network #1: On the southeast route to Istanbul


The DB Cargo network #1: On the southeast route to Istanbul

DB Cargo's southeastern route links southern Germany to eastern Europe, Istanbul, the Silk Road and the Black Sea, all without transhipment.

From north to south and east to west, the global rail network is a gigantic web of countless connections. DB Cargo has redesigned its network map to instantly reveal the benefits of this network and make it easy to find important information. The map illustrates how the network works and highlights some particularly interesting routes. This series in Logistics News will take a closer look at the gigantic network, starting with the southeastern route.

A transhipment-free corridor for all industries

Transporting freight by rail from southern Germany to Istanbul without the need to change trains has long been commonplace. Freight trains travel directly between Stuttgart or Schwandorf and the important Halkali container terminal near Istanbul with no transhipment along the way, making this a highly attractive transport option. Another advantage is the connection to the efficient Automotive RailNet that stretches across Europe. The section between southern Germany and Hungary/Romania is an important corridor serving the plants of several major car manufacturers. But the route to Istanbul also has plenty to offer all other industries that import or export goods to and from southeast Europe or ship them onward to Asia.

The Southeast Relation

Hubs and market access points all along the route

The end point of the route in Istanbul is of great importance for German customers. This is due to the connection it provides to not only the Turkish and Middle Eastern markets, but also to other production sites and markets in Asia via the southern Silk Road. Located on the Black Sea, the Halkali container terminal also provides access to countries in this region. Other important freight hubs along the route offer connections to the region's last mile or serve as centres for transports to eastern Europe. 

Extensive range of services from DB Cargo

Customers considering rail transport to southeast Europe can benefit from the complete DB Cargo package. This includes all the necessary coordination involved in transporting goods across multiple borders, whether along the entire route to Istanbul or to intermediate destinations like Oradea. But customer service does not start and end with the rail booking. This is because DB Cargo also plans and delivers the first and last mile in combined transport. Whether customers book individual containers or entire block trains, or are only travelling on sections of the route, DB Cargo creates a complete transport package from A to Z. 

To find out more about this and other routes, take a look at DB Cargo's new network map. It shows the various routes throughout Europe and all the way to China. The showcased routes and networks are presented on dedicated pages, together with their customer benefits. Use cases and further topics provide more information about what these routes and networks have to offer.

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