Trains and trucks – creating the perfect team for the environment

Coca-Cola expands its rail activities to cut CO2.

Coca-Cola wants its European business to be climate neutral by 2040. A key component in this plan is to cut the CO2 emissions generated when transporting the popular soft drink. Most of the company's products are carried over short distances by truck. But since 2016, the company has increasingly relied on environmentally friendly rail transport whenever distances of over 300 km are involved. Today, DB Cargo and Coca-Cola operate a joint logistics network that links 13 different sites throughout Germany. In our film, Dr Sigrid Nikutta, CEO of DB Cargo, and Tillmann Rothhammer, Managing Director Corporate Service and Supply Chain at Coca-Cola Europacific Partners Deutschland GmbH, explain how this flexible transport solution works even for small quantities without having their own rail siding – watch for yourself.