Upgrading made easy with pop-up maintenance workshops


Upgrading made easy with pop-up maintenance workshops

DB Cargo to upgrade freight wagons in mobile workshops

The future of rail freight transport is digital. That is why DB Cargo is working at full speed to launch digital automatic coupling (DAC). The goal is to upgrade 500,000 freight wagons with the new technology, which will revolutionise rail freight transport in Europe. Pop-up maintenance workshops are making it possible.

By DAC wagons can be coupled within minutes.

Maintenance workshop tents save time and travel  

The advantages of pop-up maintenance workshops are manifold. Freight wagons can be upgraded both near their place of use, at industrial customers' sites for example, and during ongoing operations, which saves time. 
"By bringing the workshops to our customers, we can upgrade freight wagons directly on site," explains Andreas Lipka, who is responsible for the DAC upgrade programme at DB Cargo. "It causes minimal disruption for the customer because the wagons are available for use again immediately after the upgrade." DB Cargo is currently trialling a maintenance workshop in Bremen. 

Sky blue meets red: digital automatic coupling at close range

150 pop-up locations throughout Europe

DB Cargo AG, in association with its partner companies, plans to deploy 150 of these pop-up maintenance workshop tents throughout Europe. According to Lipka, it will be possible to equip approximately 100,000 freight wagons with the modern coupler within a few weeks. The remaining 400,000 freight wagons could then be upgraded successively at regular maintenance depots.

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Andreas Lipka

Leiter Migration Automatische Digitale Kupplung