voestalpine Tubulars recognised by DB Cargo with eco-friendly rail certificate

Riding the rails into a sustainable future.

Society is calling for it and so is the law – environmental protection has been a hot topic for some time. That’s why a growing number of companies are plotting the course for a sustainable future, among them the steel pipe manufacturer voestalpine Tubulars. The company, an international player based in Austria’s Styria region, is sending an increasing number of its shipments by rail, reducing its annual transport emissions by some 78% compared with road transport. To mark this success, DB Cargo recently recognised voestalpine Tubulars with an eco-friendly rail certificate, highlighting the long-standing, ever closer partnership between the two companies. Together, the partners aim to add even more rail transports over the coming years.

Andreas Pryszlak, Lead Buyer Freight Purchasing, voestalpine Stahl Donawitz, Harald Spreitzhofer, Logistics Manager, voestalpine Tubulars, Christoph Heibach, Head of Work Area Salzgitter/voestalpine at DB Cargo and Kurt Niederberger, Director Sales, voestalpine Tubulars with the environmental certificate.

By choosing rail, the pipe manufacturer prevented a total of 3,665 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions between April 2020 and March 2021. “In this way, we’re making an important contribution to protecting the environment and improving sustainability at our company,” says Kurt Niederberger, head of sales at voestalpine Tubulars, whose products are used by the automotive industry, in tunnel construction and crane manufacturing and at refineries.

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Christoph Heibach

Head of the Salzgitter/voestalpine teamDB Cargo