UN Climate Change Conference 2022: Climate protection concerns us all


UN Climate Change Conference 2022: Climate protection concerns us all

Rail freight transport has an important role to play in achieving climate targets

At the UN Climate Change Conference 2022 (COP 27) in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, over 20,000 participants discussed solutions to curb rising global warming. 

As part of a panel organised by the World Bank, Dr Sigrid Nikutta, Member of the DB Management Board for Freight Transport and Chair of the Management Board and CEO of DB Cargo AG, promoted the importance of green freight transport in achieving the 1.5-degree target. She said that the European rail network had a major role to play and should be fully exploited.  

Rail freight transport is enshrined in the coalition agreement

Rail freight transport plays an important role in the German government's plans for achieving its climate targets, and strengthening the sector is therefore high on the agenda. By 2030, its share of freight transport is to be increased from 18 to 25% – an important contribution to relieving road congestion and minimising greenhouse gases. The goal underlines the pivotal role of green rail when it comes to reducing CO2 emissions. With the campaign "Freight belongs on rail", DB Cargo is working to convince people of the need for more sustainability in logistics and to establish a good public image for rail freight. 

Green rail freight transport actively contributes to achieving climate targets.

Rail is the most environmentally friendly means of transport

DB Cargo offers its customers tailor-made solutions with the aim of creating positive effects for the climate. Thanks to renewable power, DBeco Solutions can help reduce CO2 emissions by up to 100% on electrified lines. 

DBeco fuel – in the form of the sustainable biofuel hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) – extends the product range and is available to all diesel locomotives at DB Cargo. CO2 can be reduced by around 90% compared with standard diesel fuel.

Innovations that benefit the climate 

DB Cargo is also vigorously pursuing the development of new technologies. Efficiency, flexibility and sustainability are the order of the day, for example with the modular m² system, the bi-mode locomotive and the digital automatic coupler (DAC). These innovations optimise rail freight transport, reduce the burden on the environment and help customers to transport their goods in an environmentally friendly way. 

These technologies will make a major contribution to achieving climate neutrality by 2040 because freight belongs on rail. Anyone who wants to find out more should watch the Vision2045 film produced by DB Cargo and TBD Media.

This presents DB Cargo's sustainable leadership role in more detail. It provides various insights and explains how decarbonisation goals will be achieved and what challenges need to be overcome in the process. On its communication platform vision2045.com, TBD Media's Global Vision Initiative summarises various topics related to the global climate change conferences and presents a wide range of documentary films on what companies are doing to achieve climate targets.