Digital and modular

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Digital and modular

White paper: On track with innovations for sustainable rail freight transport

"What we do today shapes the world of tomorrow." That's how the writer and Nobel Prize winner Boris Pasternak summed things up as long ago as the mid-20th century. 

Today we know that climate change and global warming are existential threats to our way of life and our future – the greatest challenge of the 21st century. Against this backdrop, a radical reduction in global CO2 emissions is an absolute necessity, especially in the transport sector. This is exactly why DB Cargo is setting course to move step by step towards a specific goal: shifting ever more shipments away from the road to green rail in the future. To get there, DB Cargo is using innovative solutions to make rail freight transport even faster, more efficient, more flexible, more automated, more modular and more multifunctional.

Download our white paper "Digital and modular: On track with innovations for sustainable rail freight transport" and find out what DB Cargo is doing to make rail freight transport even more sustainable and environmentally friendly in the future. Here's what it's about:

  • How does the m² freight wagon work?
    This new generation of freight wagons can be quickly, economically and flexibly adapted to changing market, transport and logistics requirements.
  • What does digital automatic coupling (DAC) do?
    DAC automatically couples the air line for the brakes and the power and data bus line.
  • What are the benefits of bi-mode locomotives?
    On routes with overhead lines, these locomotives run on electricity. On non-electrified routes, such as when travelling to a customer's factory premises, they switch to diesel operation.

Download the white paper here

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