Why rail is ideal for logistics between Asia and Europe

A Chinese train pulls out of a terminal.

Why rail is ideal for logistics between Asia and Europe

From low transport costs and transit times to avoiding conflict zones, rail is coming into its own for goods transport between Asia and Europe.

Trade between Asia and Europe is vital to the German economy, with huge volumes of goods travelling between the two continents every day by ship, plane and train. In today's environment, the importance of rail freight is becoming particularly apparent for a range of reasons – not least the favourable transport time. 


Rail's advantage on this route is made possible by DB Cargo Eurasia, a subsidiary of DB Cargo with extensive expertise in rail transport routes to and from Asia. Rail freight transport is more environmentally friendly than air and ocean freight, faster than the sea route, and cheaper than both planes and ships. It has therefore become an important transport alternative for companies from Asia and Europe. DB Cargo Eurasia works closely with customers to find the right rail links, before making sure that shipments are carried out as efficiently as possible. Journeys usually take between 12 and 15 days, making them up to four times faster than by sea. 

You can find more information about DB Cargo Eurasia here. See our network map for an overview of the Eurasia network.